Aaron Braunstein pic1 1

Aaron Braunstein, 3:45 - Marathon

Where are you from?
Somewhere (but in reality, Chicago)

Current P.R.
Marathon: 3:11:27
50 mile: 7:59:59
100 mile: 19:52:06

Number of marathons?

Too many to count…(110 so far)

Favorite marathon
Chicago marathon (is my hometown bias showing too much?)

Personal goals:

Run the Boston Marathon again

Why do you run?

Because I love to eat

Why should someone run in your pace group?

I’m an experienced pacer, and I’ll get you to the finish line just under goal time

Do you have any tips for runners about to join your group?
Let me worry about the pace; just enjoy the marathon and keep up.

Share one quotation that you like.
You don’t need a quote to be inspired.