Mark Cudak, Full Marathon - 4:45

Where are you from:
Jupiter, Fl. Born and raised on Long Island, NY

3:13:07 at Space Coast Marathon

Number of Marathons:

**Favorite Marathon:*
Boston (2012 & 2014!)

Personal Goals:
To be the best father/husband/person I can be and hopefully get a run in here and there.

Why do I run?:
Because I like it. Pretty simple. The spectrum of benefits, being outside. and I enjoy the challenges it can present.

Why join my pace group:
Because we’re going to motivate each other, have some laughs and get a lil run in.

My friend and coach’s two rules for running: 1) Look good. 2) Don’t die.

Favorite quote:
“Either those curtains go...or I do!!!” - Oscar Wilde’s final words.