John Thomas, 5:15 - Full Marathon

Where are you from?
Clearwater, Florida

Current P.R.
I don’t have any P.Rs for marathons.
My fastest 50K was 6:07.

Number of marathons?
I haven’t run any marathons but I have run two ultra-marathons.

Favorite marathon
My favorite ultra-marathon was Gate2Gate in Gainesville. I guess this will be my favorite marathon because it is my first!

Personal goals:
I am training to complete my first 50 mile race in April.

Why do you run?
I run because I enjoy both the physical challenge and the mental challenge.

Why should someone run in your pace group?
You should run in my group if they want to have a fun time running at a comfortable pace.

Do you have any tips for runners about to join your group?
Make sure to stay hydrated and be sure to take time to enjoy the race!

Share one quotation that you like.
You must expect great things from yourself before you can do them.